Something Really, Really, Special Happened Today!!!


Hello, welcome back and thank you for being with me on my journey to figuring out the next stage of my life.

Here is the second photo that has inspired me to create my second painting of my babies.  As you all know they are young adults now. (They are really the ones figuring out their lives.) So I have been keeping busy with all the chores that I usually do with my husband, as he hasn’t been feeling well.😕 And I got really tired, (an understatement).

So Sunday morning came, no church today because my hubby was still under the weather.

I took this new found time to begin my second painting. I moved my canvas, put it in place and got my materials ready, and the moment I picked up my pencil to sketch, something amazing happened!

Butterflies, butterflies, butterflies, fluttered in me and I felt like a little girl.

Love flowed, excitement, ready to begin my  second portrait of my little angels. I'm in love, looking at their little faces seeing details as if for the first time. Life was busy when we were all younger. I missed so many details.  Now that I have time, I can gaze into their dark brown eyes and see their eyes twinkling back at me. I feel so blessed to be painting and have kindled a romance with portraits.

This painting is a slower kind of painting.  It gives me the time to see, discover and figure out the painting at a gentler pace.  I look closer and discover a detail within a detail. I spend hours thinking about a painting before I begin. (Yes, a very looonngggg tea break.) The ideas come from so many places. One evening while driving home and talking to my friend (bluetooth always) the sun blaring into my eyes.  Minutes later, I looked up and received a magnificent gift.  The setting sun was now a warm gentle yellow, resting over a band of the same colour on the horizon.  A soft pink halo wrapped itself gently over the sun, that gradually faded into a soft violet blue sky.  As I was looking up, I said thank you knowing that many saw it and that I will use the inspiration. This glorious sunset that will never happen again in the same way. Ahhhh!

Wishing you many magnificent gifts, (they are hiding inconspicuously).



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